23 octobre 2009

En route pour le Horn

Aquarelle sur contre-collé
37cm x 27cm

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Anonyme a dit…

I found something very special on the net. It’s the gorgeous art I found when I came to this French site by artist Patrice Large. I was amazed by his untouched talent. I have to admit that I just love the triple masted clipper ship represented in the exciting water color entitled “Enroute to the Horn.” Patrice Large is truly larger than life in the art world and so is his painting technique. As he said, “life is short,” he ceased his life as a Parisian physiotherapist, traveled to California and started his new career as an artist .during 1995. The subject of clipper ships and cities are showcased in his art canvases . I was happy to learn that a yacht anchored in Sardinia is Patrice’s new home and he still paints in his lovely style. Going back to the Cape Horn clipper ship… It’s well known that the cape has violent storms and is the site where weather has sunk many ships. Patrice has captured the feel of impending bad weather and strong winds. Great job!

contemporary art a dit…

Very Awesome Art,This Blog Is The Goldmine For Those Peoples Who Want To Know About The Real Heart Touching Art.